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Chapter 1: ''Fear n' Confusion'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Cha. 1)
Chapter 2: ''Young Things'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 2)
Chapter 3: ''Footsteps'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 3)
Chapter 4: ''Games'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 4)
Chapter 5: ''Puzzle Pieces'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 5)
Chapter 6: ''Ruined Home'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 6)



My eyes widens, as I read outloud: "I'm coming for you.'' I dropped the note on the bed, and took a few steps backwards. ''Lies...and...excuses? what..?" I said, in slight confusion. My heart began to beat for some odd reason. Maybe it's the fact that I panic a whole lot when it comes to investigating stuff like this.

    I walked back to the bed, picked up the note, and placed it in my pocket. "Just in case I need it for evidence or something like that." I said to myself. I felt something drop on my head as I was standing near the bed. I flinch in slight surprise, and slowly looked up to see what dropped on the top of my head.

    It was blood. I scream in surprise, and I immediately got out of the way. There was words written in blood on the ceiling. "Everyone loves M------''. The rest of the name was cut out with darker looking blood. "Everyone...loves...M..?" I said, outloud. "W-what does that supposed to mean..?" I also said outloud.

    I was getting really scared. More scared than the other times I've had to deal with my big brother, and the pure and utter darkness. I sat down on the edge foot of the bed, and started thinking about unknown things. I was thinking about dark things. Things no one would know about.

    I started thinking of the worst, I started thinking of the best. My thoughts were just going in a loop at this point. I felt so worthless, I felt like I was being controlled by some unknown entity. I started crying. I covered my face, and weeped quietly. "I...I just want...t-to go home....'' I said, quietly. "You are home."

    I froze. I sniffed and looked down. "I know it's the voices in my head..I don't even need to panic anymore.'' I said with a serious tone. "..All those happy and sad people. They must be having so much fun without me.'' I said. I looked at my hands. My hands began to shake vigorously. "His killer fantasy is coming to life in this ruined home, and I must be the one to put the pieces together.'' I said, smiling.

    I stared at the wall. In my vision, the letters "M", "T'', and "E'' started to appear all over the room walls. I blinked a couple times. "But...I won't be okay once I get my hands on myself..'' I whispered. I shook my head back and forth and rubbed my eyes. I looked back at the walls, and saw nothing.

    I was starting to go crazy. I started to giggle, as I looked at the floor and saw no shadow. "Hahaha..what's the point anymore, honestly?..'' I said, laughing. "No.." I slowly got up and walked out of the room to explore a bit more in the ruined household.

    I stumbled across a bathroom. I slowly open the door, and turned the light on. For some reason, the bathroom looked completely fine pale in comparison to the other room. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I saw my reflection. I turned on the faucet, let water go into my hands, and splashed water on my face. I shook my head several times to get the water off of my face. I felt somewhat better. "Well, I better keep going..'' I said, to myself. I walked out of the bathroom to explore even more in the household. I walked up the stairs very slowly, and stumbled across a room.

    I could've sworn I heard laughing from inside that room.

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Chapter 1: ''Fear n' Confusion'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Cha. 1)
Chapter 2: ''Young Things'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 2)
Chapter 3: ''Footsteps'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 3)
Chapter 4: ''Games'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 4)
Chapter 5: ''Puzzle Pieces'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 5)



I looked at the picture one more time..only to see 2 blacked out faces, 1 sad face, and 2 smiley faces. The one in the middle looked just like me, only...more depressed than I'd ever seen. I've never seen myself in such a deep state of depression before. There's only 1 way to make me go into a deep state of depression: If a family member of mine died.

    As I was looking into the picture, I thought I saw the smiley faces move towards me. Like 3D movie theater effects, just jumping straight at me to eat my last breath. I placed the picture into my pocket, and continued walking. For what seemed like me walking in a long dark corridor, I stumbled across a home. 

    It...looked just like my home. It looked really ruined on the outside. ''I wonder if the inside of it is ruined, too...'' I pondered to myself. "Like fruit. Bad on the outside, but most possibly will be good on the inside.'' I said, outloud. I walked up to the front door and opened it, making a long door creak sound. It sounded very unsettling, as the sound gradually sent shivers down my spine.

    It was extremely dark in here, just like the outside. I placed my flashlight on the walls to try and find more light source. I found a light switch right next to the doorway. I turned on the lights, only to see the entire place a huge mess. "What...happened...?" I said, in shock. "Looks like a natural disaster happened in here." I also said. I walked around the place, very slowly. Sounded like I was taking small baby steps.

    The floor I was walking on was wood. It sounded very broken, useless, fragile, and very weak. I thought if I were to walk on this fragile floor any longer, the floor would break and send me down deeper and deeper in the darkest pits of hell. I looked at the walls, and stopped in my tracks. I froze in fear.

    " that...b-blood..?" I said, stuttering with more fear than before. You can easily hear the unbelievable fear in my voice, right when I saw the blood. It real. Like a murder just happened in this very house. My mind went blank for a brief moment, and I started to hear voices that weren't there.

    It was quiet whispers, and they kept chanting something that I couldn't make out in both of my ears. I covered my ears, and fell on my knees, shut my eyes very tightly, and started shaking my head back and forth. ''GO AWAY, GO AWAY, GO AWAY, GO AWAY, GO AWAY! I DON'T CARE!" I screamed.

    Right after I screamed, the voices stopped. I sighed in relief. I got up back on my feet again, and analyzed the blood. I rubbed my chin, and walked away. I walked into a room, and stopped. This room....looked like...his.

    I looked on the walls, and saw the letter "M" written in what appeared to be blood. I started to freak out, as I stumbled across to what looked like a note on the bed. I grabbed the note, and read outloud these words: "Dear, friends. I'm sorry for always being such douchebags to you, but it had to be done. My experiment had to be tested on green and red. I'm planning to keep blue with me, but he'll never know that I'm such a liar. I make up excuses and lies all the time, but he would never know that I stuck my sharp edge into them. T-M, if you're reading this....I'm coming for you."

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Chapter 1: ''Fear n' Confusion'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Cha. 1)
Chapter 2: ''Young Things'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 2)
Chapter 3: ''Footsteps'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 3)
Chapter 4: ''Games'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 4)



Big brother pulls out a skeleton skull that was shaped like a square. "You gaze at this, boy~?" He said, in a very creepy voice. My heart began to beat faster and faster every second and minute right when I saw that skeleton skull. The shape of this skull was...very familiar. Like I've seen that head shape before. ''Y-yeah..?'' I said, stuttering in fear.

    Big brother raises the skeleton skull in the dark and ominous air and smashes it onto the floor. The pieces flew everywhere across the floor, resulting in broken pieces everywhere. ''The puzzle pieces have broken apart. Now it's up to you to fix it." He says, disappearing in mid-air. It took me a while to realize and understand what he meant by ''broken puzzle pieces''.

    There was too many pieces and, I refused to take my precious little time to pick up every piece. Besides, I didn't know how to put them all back together. I didn't have duct tape or super glue or ANYTHING with me. The only source of protection I have with me is a flashlight..but, there was so batteries in it. So, I wasn't able to use the flashlight for defensive purposes.

    Than, all of a sudden, I notice something. There was batteries that were surrounded by some of the broken pieces of the skeleton skull! I gasped, and went on my knees to grab the batteries. There was 5 of them. A red one, a green one, a purple one, and 2 blue ones..but what was off about the 2 blue ones was that 1 blue was a different shade and the other blue was a lighter shade.

    It reminded me of...him. I shook my head in order for me to stop pondering in thought, and placed the 5 batteries inside the flashlight. I shook the flashlight up and down, and turned it on right after I stopped shaking it. It was able to turn on. I sighed in relief. "Thank god...'' I said, in less worriment and fear.

    I continued walking in a straight path with the flashlight on, encase I ever need it.


    After sometime of wondering around, I stumbled across a family photo of...very important people that I remember. I bend down to pick it up. I stared at the family photo for a brief moment, started to distort. I was probably being delusional because in reality, the picture was just fine, but my eyes were telling me that the picture was a corrupted computer file.

    My eyes started to water. I tried to weep, but no droplets fell on the picture. As if all of this was just fake. Not real. No meaning. Just a fake reality world, that I would never be able to escape from. No matter how hard I try, everything I do in my power isn't able to work. I try almost everyday, but the voices in my head are constantly screaming at me. I started to cry. I fell on my knees, and started bawling. "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME....'' I said, sobbing. I look at the picture one more time...
    ...only to see 2 blacked out faces, one sad face, and 2 smiley faces that were incredibly familiar to me.

Read the previous chapters so you won't fall behind:
Chapter 1: ''Fear n' Confusion'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Cha. 1)
Chapter 2: ''Young Things'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 2)
Chapter 3: ''Footsteps'' -THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 3)



"..H-hello? Who's there..?" I said, in a more panicky-type voice. I looked into the distance, to see a tall figure just standing there. From where I was, the tall figure looked very menacing and intimidating. It was just their body type that got to me. That body type and height looked...very familiar. "T...t..'' I said, quietly. I was too scared to finish my sentence. Afraid that this tall figure was going to do something to me.

    The tall figure slowly starts walking towards me. "S-stay back..!" I said, walking slightly backwards. "GO AWAY FROM ME!" I said, louder. The tall figure stopped in their tracks..and slowly smiled. That...grin..That was the same grin I saw earlier! "'' I said, even quieter. The tall figure vanished in mid-air. As if they did this on purpose to mess around with me.

    I was already getting sick and tired of these little games. I wanted to stand up for myself, but I was too afraid to. I'm always too afraid to do something, especially in a terrible time like this. ''Whoever you are...STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH ME!'' I said, extremely loud. "Why..~?" A voice said. I stopped trying to look confident, and froze.

    I was completely frozen with fear. I heard a very dark and ominous voice from behind me. My heart began to race, my entire body felt numb, I couldn't feel anything. I began to sweat, and I felt like my heart was going to explode because, it was beating so hard and fast. My heartbeat was sending sound-waves to my toes all the way up to my head, making my body vibrate and shake in pure and utter fear.

    The voice sounded extremely familiar. I knew that dark and demonic voice anywhere. Tall...skinny...long fingers...cheeky grin. I gulped, and slowly turned around...It was him. The one that was playing games with me. My eyes widens and I slowly look up to see who it was. It was Tony. My big brother. THE ONE THAT ALWAYS LOOKED OUT AFTER ME, EVER SINCE DAY 1.

    "'' I said, stuttering in fear. His grin was obnoxious, and scary. His dark eyes had no meaning. His red and yellow pupils were staring directly into my pupils, making a vivid reflection in his eyes. I could literally see myself in his eyes. "Wh..what're you doing here...?" I said, quietly. He slowly stares down at me, smiling. ''What am I doing here..~?" He said. "Y-yeah..'' I replied.

    "To play games. Games are fun. Not as fun as taring apart hopeless, worthless, and meaningless people." He said, in his very low and demonic voice. ''M-meaningless p-people..? wh-what does that supposed to mean..?" I asked. Big brother stops smiling for a short amount of time and looks down and chuckles to himself. ''Heheheh...You'll see, Thomas."

Here's the previous 2 chapters encase you haven't read them yet:
Chapter #1: ''Fear n' Confusion'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Cha. 1)
Chapter #2: ''Young Things'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Chapter 2)



As I walked through the other side of the door..I see..a face. A face that I can recognize. It looked like...him. He looks..tall..and intimidating. He stares down at me, with that same cheeky grin on his face. That same damn smile. The smile that only I can remember. Ear to ear, of course.

    As soon as I see that smile, I instantly go into panic and fear mode. He was staring at me...with those blood shot eyes. I couldn't see my own reflection on his eyes..because, I believed that I didn't have a reflection. I was afraid of myself at this time. He raised his fist, slowly and gradually into the dark air. I stagger backwards, and hoped and prayed to god that he wouldn't do what I think he was going to do.

    He...disappeared. He disappeared before he could do it. I stopped praying, and looked around to see if...he was around. There was so sign of him. I sighed in relief, and I slowly stopped panicking. I once again tried to figure out my surroundings in this dark area, to try and find something.

    As I was searching around for an item or map of some-sort or ANYTHING to help me, I trip over something. "Augh! what was that?" I said, on the floor in pain. " ankle..'' I said, rubbing my ankle in pain. "Dang..what I tripped over must be sturdy or something..'' I said to myself. I felt the floor that was below me and felt..a dirt-like substance...or sand. "..Huh..?" I said in confusion. I separated some of the dirt-like substance in left & right directions, only to find a flashlight buried under the dirt and/or sand.

    "Oh..! A flashlight! That'll DEFINITELY help me get out of here!" I said, grabbing the flashlight. I turned on the flashlight, only to not have it turned on. "What?" I said, puzzled. I took the lid off of the side of the flashlight, only to find no existent batteries inside. "Well, isn't that just superb?" I said, sarcastically. I put the flashlight in my hoodie pocket, and walked around the place to try and find batteries to turn on the flashlight.

    As I was walking around the place, I hear a strange noise. I flinch in surprise, and turn around quickly. Only to find no one. No one. No one. "H-hello..? Wh-who's there..?" I said. You could easily hear the unbelievable fear in my poor voice. I looked left and right and kept walking around the place. I felt like I was walking around in a loop. I stopped in my tracks. ''OK..I need to limit myself, and I need to focus on the batteries. I'm getting too paranoid again.'' I said.

    All of a sudden, I hear the same noise again..only..louder. I jumped and the flashlight fell out of my pocket. I looked in all directions this time. My legs and my whole body began to shake in fear. "Wh-Who's there?? Show yourself!'' I said, in some form of bravery. I was trying to look tough and not look like some scared wimpy 27 y/o.
    There was nobody here. I felt like someone was here. Some weird feeling in my gut was telling me that there is someone in this very area, playing games with me. "Wh-whoever you yourself before I make you!" I said, in a more strong and loud voice. My voice was so loud, that it echoed throughout the area.

    It felt great to let my emotions out. I felt...stronger when I raise my voice..because, it goes to show that people actually pay attention to you when you're in a serious mood. Anyways, when I rose my voice, I heard...footsteps. It was clear and sounded very aggressive. They were squeaky footsteps, too. Like, ya know. When you walk in the rain and you come back inside and the first thing you hear is squeaky footsteps? Yeah, that's what picked my ears up. It sounded like they were walking in a very empty and dark hallway, but it wasn't a hallway that they were walking in. They were walking in a forever dark abyss that no one can even escape from.
    I looked behind me, only to see a tall figure standing very far away from me.

You can read the first chapter here so you don't fall behind: ''Fear n' Confusion'' - THOMAS' NIGHTMARE (Cha. 1)


    As I was walking on the clear red path, I started seeing things that others could not. I began having hallucinations that I knew were going to haunt the back of my head for as long as I can remember, and trust me on this one..hallucinations are scary. VERY VERY scary. You began seeing made-up monsters that look surprisingly real, and you think the things you see are always out to get you. Anyways, these things I were seeing my past pals. They look just like them.

    Green, red, purple, and...that blue. That blue one that is always looking out after me. Ever since the day I was born...these hallucinations real. Like I could touch it and feel it with my bare hands. My dry, hopeless hands. I stopped in my tracks, and covered my face.

     "Get away..get away!" I yelled. "Get out!" I continued. I uncovered my face, and looked around. I was still in the same black area. I didn't expect for me to magically disappear right off the bat. I'm a very patient person, unlike...him.

    I continued walking on the path, only to greet a door that was as tall as me. I stared at it for a brief moment, and thought about the consequences about me opening this very door. "What's gonna happen? Am I going to die? Is this the end of me? Will I never wake up? What's happening? WHY?'' my mind was screaming these questions in both of my ears, even if others couldn't hear it.

    I hesitated several times. My hands and legs were shaking vigorously, and I felt like I couldn't take matters into my own palms. Sweat was dripping slowly down the sides of my face, as I slowly and gradually turned the door knob. The door in front of me opened. The door squeaked, and echoed through the dark abyss. My heart began to pick up, as I saw nothing on the other side of the if I was scammed.

    "What's going on here..?" I said, in confusion. "Is this a trick? show yourself!" I yelled. My voice echoed along with my heartbeat. My heartbeat was so strong, that I felt like sound-waves were emitting from my chest and all throughout the fake reality location. I slowly kept walking.


    Sometime later, and I felt so tired. My legs felt like they were gonna pop straight off. I have very weak legs, so I actually really despise walking for a long period of time. I decided to take a small break to help me and my poor legs. I went on one knee and layed down on the floor, and closed my eyes. I eventually fell asleep.


    For what felt like forever, I slowly opened my eyes and yawned. I kinda expected to leave this place, but I didn't. I was still in the same place. ''Oh, come on! I just wanna...leave..'' I said, tearing up a bit. "N-no..I have to keep pushing forward..if I want to get out of here, I have to try my best and keep persevering." I said. ''Because, he always told me..a little effort is better than none, Thomas. You can't let the little things bring you down, he said..right.'' I said.

    I got up and walked through the other side of the door, and onto the next..only to see a face that I remember.


It was a really dark night, and I was just getting ready for bed. I finally tucked my friends in for bed, after what felt like 500 years..I finally tucked everyone to bed. I literally had to get my big brother to teleport Matthew to another dimension because, the ginger wouldn't be quiet. So, I did this for my safety..because, let's face it. Matthew is a destruction machine, and he's a very evil and cruel man..but, that's beside the point. I put my PJ's on, brushed my teeth, took my contact lenses off, and head straight to bed. I was extremely drowsy and exhausted. I do so much for my friends, and I feel like they don't give me enough appreciation. Sometimes I feel like my friends don't care about me..but, I know they do..they..just don't show it that often. Anyways, as I was laying in bed, I was looking at the ceiling. Thinking about all the things I've done for my friends and myself. I felt bags under my eyes, and I knew my eyes had red cracks in it..I was too lazy to get up and look at myself in the mirror. The ceiling was so dull and tiny room felt dark and empty. I sighed in pure exhaustion. ''Oh, my friends..everything I do for you.'' I said to myself. I know my friends could hear me from the other side of the wall.

I finally closed my eyes, and tried to go into a deep state of slumber. The frogs croaking, the shiny stars in the pitch black sky, and the cold breeze hitting my window..I felt like I was in heaven. Where all my friends could somehow hear my voice. 15 minutes go by, and I suddenly wake up for what reason that may be. I just couldn't sleep. I got up and sat on the very edge of my bed, and pondered. ''Why can't I sleep..?'' I said to myself in confusion. '' I have insomnia?.." I said, in a very scared tone. "I-I hope I don't..because, that will effect my mood and behavior towards my friends..! I need to take my sleeping medicine..'' I said, getting up quickly. I quietly walked into the kitchen and opened the top cupboard. I grabbed my sleeping medicine and closed the cupboard and took the medicine. I poured myself a warm glass of milk to soothe me. I walked back into my room, and went back into my bed, and closed my eyes. I yawned very quietly, and fell asleep. Sometime later, and...I woke up. I woke up in a very dark place. ''Wh..what?" I said, looking around the area I seemed to be in.

''W-...where a-am I?..'' I said, quietly to myself. I looked below me, only to see black and nothing else. "A-..Am I awake..?" I said. I crouched down to the floor, curled up in a ball, closed my eyes very tightly, and tried to do something that would get me out of here.


Nothing happened.

I sighed. "I'm a failure.'' I said to myself. I got up and tried to figure out my surroundings. I couldn't feel anything around me, that's for sure. I felt like I was in a fake reality world, that was just me. Only me. No one else to care for me or save me if I'm in trouble. I started walking in a straight path. Overtime, I looked below me..only to make-out a red path that led me to a place. I thought I was seeing things. I stopped in my tracks and rubbed my eyes and shook my head, only to see a vivid and clear red path below me. ''W-what..? so I'm not just seeing things?" I said, outloud. "Well, it's better than nothing.'' I said, smiling a little bit. I continued walking on the red path. Until, I started seeing things.

..Very young things.

WARNING: This backstory is violent and is also drug-related.
If you are disturbed easily or sensitive to this kind of material, please do not read this. Viewer discretion is advised.


TW Matt was a very aggressive and impulsive boy. His violent and mischievous personality lead him to do really bad things in the future. When his parents weren't home, he would watch inappropriate and violent movies. He was easily influenced by the actions the actors made in the movie..but what Matthew didn't realize was that the movies were just a act. He thought the movies were actual serious events that took place. Matthew had a very dark mind..and he would always lie and make up excuses for the poor actions he would commit. He would do very bad things to his parents, the kids in his neighborhood and his school, and even his own house. His parents contacted several different therapists and doctors..but every single one was just a lie. His parents really cared about Matt, and they always loved and cared for him no matter what his personality was. Matthew often told secrets to the stuft animals in his room, and he would hear his stuft animals talking to him. Matthew was also a very lonely kid. He didn't really have anyone by his side because, most kids were really scared of him. Kids even came up with a nickname for Matthew..."The Destruction Boy." Everytime Matthew would walk into school, all of the kids would call him ''Destruction Boy'' instead of his real name. It started to turn into bullying...which lead Matthew to go into a deep state of depression.

As time went by, he started cutting himself and he would tell all these lies about himself. He hated the way he was, and he wanted to change who he was just for other people to see him as a really good person. All Matt's life, he felt ignored and unloved by everyone around him. He would pretend to be someone he wasn't. He told his parents about it, and he met this one therapist that really helped him. Her name was Mrs. Read. Mrs Read was a very nice, and gentle woman. She gave Matt medication and she treated him as if he was her kid...then...things got out of hand. Matt suddenly just stopped going to Mrs. Read about his problems, and he just kept his problems to himself for the rest of his life. He thought no one cared about him..until..he met Thomas...and Thomas changed Matthew's life forever. Thomas was a good kid, and he would always look out after Matt. Thomas soon introduced him to Edd, Tord, and his older brother: Tony/Anthony (AKA Corruptom). Matt felt less lonely, and his life was getting back on track again.

What Thomas and the others didn't know was that Matt was a very bad person with tons of lies and secrets that he refused to tell. Matt hid behind a mask, and everyone thought he was a good kid. Matthew fooled his own friends into thinking that Matt was a good influence. Matthew was a very troublesome boy, and no one even knew he was. A couple years went by, and Matt started getting more violent and impulsive like he was when he was in his elementary school years. He started causing fights, getting involved in fights, and him just causing never-ending trouble for his teachers and other people. He would get suspended from school and even get involved with the police. When Matt hit his 20's, he started to steal, get involved with gangs, and doing very hardcore drugs. Like: heroine, cocaine, meth, LSD, ect. Most of those drugs I just mentioned made Matt go insane. Insane to the point where he would bang his head on the table, cut his legs with sharp knives, rip out one of his top adult teeth, and hurt his own friends.

His parents soon found out that Matt was doing drugs and they influenced him to not do those types of things. Matthew desired such evil things, and he started developing a strong and raging hatred towards his mom and dad. One night, his parents were asleep, and Matthew went into the kitchen to get a knife. He walked into his mom's and dad's room, and stabbed them 20-22 times in the chest and eyes and ran away from there. Never to be seen again. He stabbed them 20-22 times in the chest and eyes because, Matt was 20-22 years old at the time he murdered his own parents. Police came to investigate his house, only to find a family photo and 2 murdered adults. The police searched high and low for Matt, but they just couldn't find him. Matt was a very sneaky liar and was good at hiding the truth from the world. When Matt was 24 years old, he was sent to a Mental Hospital by Thomas. Thomas didn't tell the police about Matt because, Tom really cared about him, and he wanted to visit Matt every now and then.

Matthew broke out and escaped from the hospital when he was around 26-27 years old. Matt tracked Tom down, and broke into his house at 2 AM in the morning. Tom soon recognized who broke into his house. It was Matt. Tom was so shocked to see Matt after a few years. Tom thought Matt got better after being in the mental hospital. Matt said ''yes'' and Tom was so happy for him..but what Tom didn't know was that Matt was telling another lie. When Edd, Tord, and Tony meet Matt after several years, they were shocked that Matt was still here. Both Edd and Tony didn't trust Matt because, of his sneaky personality and how they were the first 2 people to know how he told so many lies and never confessed to the many crimes he's committed. To this day, Matthew never stops being evil. No matter how many times people tell him to stop, he won't stop. He enjoys inflicting pain on so many people. He enjoys going to parties to get drunk and high at the same time. He enjoys beating up his own friends. He enjoys hearing the screams of pain and agony from his victims.

The more people cry, the more he laughs.
I'm too scared to draw him now. Why? because, overtime I started to realize that TW Edd is basically every sad teenager on this planet.
And most teenagers are always sad because, real life problems and mental disorders get in the way of everything.

And I feel like if I draw TW Edd all sad and/or pissed off, I feel like the entire comment section will blow up with comments like ''SAME'' or ''ME'' or ''RELATABLE'' or "MOOD''
and I honestly dislike comments like that.

I don't know why?? everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on certain types of things on the internet.
I have my opinions, and you have yours.

Anyways, I didn't create TW Edd just for you to say those things like no tomorrow.
It just kinda hurts my feelings because, I actually spent a lot of time thinking about TW Edd's backstory.

And most people just don't realize the amount of time and effort I put onto TW Edd.
People just look at him and say ''WOW HE'S SO ME LOL XDDDDD''

I'm not ok with those types of comments.
For now on, if these types of comments keep coming, I'll just disable the comments on all of my TW Edd drawings.

Because, I sometimes can't trust you guys..sometimes I can, and sometimes I can't.
I'm not saying you guys are bad people or anything, nononononono..I just wish some of you would at least think before you say things.

Because, you never could make the creator feel angry and/or sad with just simple text on a negative screen.
It's the same situation with the drug comments. I hate them. So don't comment stuff about a character or the creator being on drugs just because, the creator loves drawing bright colors on insane characters.

If the character is actually on drugs, I'm pretty sure the creator would at least mention that they are.
My point is..just please don't say ''same'', ''relatable'', and ''mood'' on my TW Edd drawings anymore.

ok ok so I don't remember when I dreamt this, but what I'm about to tell you isn't fake
so I think last summer?? I don't remember..I had my first tomsworld dream
this is what I remember from the dream

so tw tom and the others were at the mall (don't ask why they just were) and tw tom told tw matt to go to the smoothie part of the mall to get everyone smoothies
I don't know why tw tom would ask tw matt when he clearly could've asked corruptom to do it but he asked tw matt to do it anyways

and tw matt actually did what tw tom told him to do
but to no avail, tw matt forgot where the smoothie shop was

and my dream suddenly switched scenes to tw matt, tw tord, and tw edd running away from a black guy that was recording them?? I don't know why that was literally part of my dream--
and tw matt and the others eventually got away and the black guy says ''you can't hide forever I know where you are'' I don't know why he said that when the others clearly got away

and my dream switched scenes again to tw tom and the others walking down the street for some reason
and after that they got in tw tom's car and drove down the street (don't ask why I'm not joking about any of this)

and my dream switched scenes for the 3rd fucking time to tw tom and the others at an ice cream truck
and tw tom got himself and the others ice cream instead of smoothies

and then my dream ended from there

listen to me, ok?
I'm not your friend. nor' will I ever will be..understand?

you're an insane, selfish, loud, incredibly inconsiderate jerk that only thinks about me and no one else.
why do you like me so much? why are you such a freak?

why? why did you leave anger and happiness behind? they never did anything to you.
why are you so evil?

just get out of my head.



I HATE YOU. I started thinking about this today, and I wanted to finally write it out in my own words.
This is a backstory of how TW Tom and TW Matt first met.


It was a bright sunny day in the year 1998, in FlowerPatch Elementary School. Everyone was running around and having the time of their lives.
A little boy with short spiky brown hair with multi colored eyes was out playing in the grass, ripping flowers out of the grass. His name was Thomas, but everyone called him Tom.

All of a sudden, he here's crying and obnoxious screaming in the distance. Tom flinches in surprise and get's up to find where the crying and screaming was coming from.
Thomas here's the crying coming from behind a bush. Thomas goes behind the bush, and sees a slightly taller boy bullying a smaller girl.

''Hey! leave her alone!" Thomas said. The slightly taller boy glanced at Thomas with a smug expression. "Oh, and whatcha gonna do about it..shorty?" The boy said.
"I-I'm not short, you meanie!" Thomas said, pushing the other boy away from the little girl. The slightly taller boy punches Thomas in the face.
Thomas staggers backwards and kicks the slightly taller boy in the shin.

The slightly taller boy screams in pain and collapses to the ground and holds onto his shin in pain. "Come on, let's get outta here.''
Thomas said, taking the girl's hand and leading her somewhere else where the other boy would not find her.

Thomas told the principal about it, and the taller boy got in major trouble. He ended up getting suspended from school for a week for harassment and violence.
A week later, Thomas was out playing in his neighborhood. Until he saw a very familiar kid at a park that was in his was that same kid that got suspended for a week!

Thomas was heavily curious and went to the park to finally greet him. Thomas opened the fence door and saw the kid throwing rocks over the fence.
''H-hi there..I'm Tom! what's your name?" Thomas asked, kindly. The taller kid stopped throwing rocks to look at Thomas. "Throwing my victims over the fence..what're YOU doing?'' The taller kid talked back.

''V-Victims? your victims are rocks..?" Thomas asked. "Sure, you could say that.'re that same kid that got me in trouble a week ago! I'LL KILL YOU!''
The taller kid said, grabbing Thomas up in the air to punch him in the face. Thomas covers his face in fear. ''No-no! I'm not here to get you in trouble again!" Thomas said, shaking.

'''re not, eh?" The taller kid asks. "M-mhm...'' Thomas said, still shaking in fear. "Alrighty then.'' The taller boy said, dropping Thomas onto the ground.
Thomas slowly looks up at the taller boy. "So, what're you doing here? this is MY park.'' the taller boy said.

''This isn't your park, it's for other kids to enjoy! not just you!" Thomas said with slight bravery. " know, you're somewhat different from the other kids I've previously beat up.''
The taller kid says. ''I-I am..?" Thomas says, getting up to shake some dirt off of him. ''Yeah, you seem...more brave and nice..'' The taller kid says, looking away to throw more rocks over the fence.

''Well, I'm Thomas! I care about everybody!'' Thomas said, smiling. "Well, I'm Matthew! or Matt for short..but, everyone calls me Destruction Boy.'' Matthew says, taking a stick and snapping it in half.
''I-I can see why..hey, wanna be buddies?" Thomas said, with a smile. ''Hmm..will you do what I say?" Matthew says with an evil smile. "Umm...yeah?" Thomas said, kinda unsure with himself.

''Will you stick by my side through thick and thin?" Matthew asks. "Of course!" Thomas says. "Alright, it's settled Thomas. WE ARE NOW FRIENDS!''
Matthew says, picking Thomas up while wrapping his arm around Thomas' neck and rubbing his head with his fist. "Hahaha! okay, you can stop now.'' Thomas says, laughing slightly.

Matthew drops Thomas onto the ground. "Well, it was nice meeting you Thomas. I have to go home because, my stupid mommy said so. Bye!"
Matthew says, climbing over the fence and running all the way back to his house. Thomas rubs his head and get's up off of the ground and smiles. "What a weird and mischievous kid..'' Thomas says to himself.

And ever since then, Tom and Matt have been best friends..there's a few bumps on the road, but that won't ever break their friendship.
so I just wanna clear this up for anyone who is confused with the ''thomas' nightmare'' thing.
thomas' nightmare isn't tomsworld's main series. instead, thomas' nightmare is actually a separate series I'm working on.

fun fact: I actually came up with the ''thomas' nightmare'' thing a couple months ago, but I abandoned the idea and kept working on tomsworld from there.
I don't know why?? I had such cool ideas and I just didn't end up using them. Which was kinda dumb of me, sorry..

Here's the origins of thomas' nightmare:  thomas is crying by RAIINY-SKYE
It started out with this little gif I made. I was watching one of my favorite youtubers play some .EXE games, and it inspired/motivated me to make something like this.

people were actually interested in this gif, so some people actually made fanart of a 3 frame gif?? thank you to the ones that made fanart!! that means so much to me. <333
and I just kinda slipped away from the whole ''thomas is crying'' thing and went on with tomsworld.

than overtime, I came up with a new title for this gif. "thomas' nightmare''.
and here's what goes on in ''thomas' nightmare'':

tw tom goes to sleep one night, and he ends up having a really bad nightmare..but, this isn't just any ''ordinary nightmare''.
instead, tw thomas feels like he's actually in reality..but, he's not. he's just in a fake reality world.

than he starts having flashbacks of him and his friends as kids. tw tom doesn't know what's going on, and he tries to wake up.
but to no avail, nothing seems to work. so he just walked through an endless nightmare of disturbing monsters and the lies in his head.

all throughout his nightmare, he has to make good and bad decisions..sometimes, he has to sacrifice the ones he loves.
the more he makes good decisions, the faster he'll wake up from his terrible nightmare. that's where I got the ''thomas' nightmare'' name from.

most of the things happening in his nightmare are depressing, disturbing, and scary things that he would never want to dream about.
it's mostly consisted with his friends..I'm not spoiling what the entire story to this is because, isn't that the point? you're supposed to wait and see for yourself..

anyways, that's all I have to say about this. I'll edit this if I ever need don't be surprised seeing this several times in your notifications.
I'll post some artwork of thomas' nightmare when I have time. for now, I hope this helped anyone who is confused with thomas' nightmare and tomsworld!

have a nice day/night! :-D














OK so this is actually based off of a true story so I'm not making any of this shit up.


OK so in 8th grade, I had my very first relationship. But..this one wasn't what I expected. So, there was this guy named ''Mason''.
He wore a backwards red hat, he had brown puffy hair, and his hands were all crusty n shit (I don't know why but he claimed that he was ''born with it'' and I just don't really believe that, tbh.)

And he walked around like he was some gangster thug guy. He was trying so hard to look cool, and he just looked so fucking retarded i'M-
I would walk by him sometimes in hall but I didn't really make actual eye contact with him, he would just walk by me and not speak to me at all.

And lemme tell you somethin...he was a troublemaking prick. He thought he got all the girls, and all the girls just pretty much rejected him.
He went from relationship to relationship to relationship, and he finally met me. He would constantly get in trouble in science, and his science teacher would always tell him to come down to my Study Skills class.

My Study Skills class had like 6-10 people in there, so it was a very quiet class. Keep in mind that I knew all of the people in there, so it made it less awkward and weird for me.
And he would always sit by me when he came down into the classroom. I would sit at the round table, and he would pull out a chair and sit directly beside me.

He would scoot really fucking close to me, and I just scooted away everytime he decided to scoot so close to me. I could easily tell he had some weird crush on me or something..
which I found pretty flattering and sweet.

One day when 4th period was over, I saw Mason. I just ignored him and I kept walking. He than ran up to me and said ''Can you walk me to P.E?" And I said ''Uhh..sure?"
And he said "Great!" And he literally grabbed my hand and ran to P.E with me. It was just so sudden and so straight forward, and I didn't have much time to react.

He didn't really want me to walk him to P.E, he wanted to ask me a really important question. He literally pinned me to the wall and looked at me in the eyes and said ''Will you go out with me?"
(And he said it in the most pervy way ever wtf-) and I just looked at him like ''Uhhh...'' and I just said ''I'll think about it!" and he said ''Really?" and I said ''Yeah"
and he let me go and said "OK! I'll see you in 6th period!" and I said ''OK!" and I just sprinted out of the P.E room like Sonic the Hedgehog. My face was like burning up and I felt like I was gonna pass out hOLY--

He didn't really have 6th period with me..I'm pretty sure he would get in trouble just for him to be in the same class as me. Which is kinda sweet but weird at the same time??

Another time he came to my classroom was in English class instead. My English class and Study Skills class was with the same teacher and same classroom, but different periods and class subjects.
And I told my other friends about him, and one of my friends said "Ugh, Mason? not him. He's so weird, he asked me out once and I kept saying ''no''. and he just kept pressuring me about it.''

Another friend of mine said ''Mason is really weird.'' And when he walked into my English class to just get his Chromebook, I started to fucking freak out.
My friends just snickered and said ''Oh look, it's your boyfriend!" I knew they were just joking around and I thought they were really funny so I just played along.

Turns out he just walked out with his Chromebook and that's it.

So at the very end of the day, Mason came up to me and said "Have you decided yet?" And I was in a hurry and I just wanted to get to my bus and I said ''I don't know"
and he said "Come on! just say yes or no!" and I said ''yes'' like 4 times..but I was lying and I just didn't wanna make him sad.
So he literally grabbed my hand and walked to the buses with me and he showed me to a female friend of his and said ''Look! I have a girlfriend now! are you jealous yet?

I don't remember what she said, but she said something..He than took me to the buses and said "Do you want a kiss?" and I said '' I'm good''
and he literally kissed me on the cheek anyways and he went on his bus and said ''Bye!" and I said ''Uhh...bye??" and I literally ran off to my bus and I was laughing and crying at the same time???

my friends were laughing as well and they looked behind their seats on the bus and said ''What happened?? did you say yes??" and I said ''YEAH I SAID YES"
and my friends started freaking out and one of my friends took a picture of my face and she showed me and I started to just die of laughter--


Then the next day rolled by and I finally stood up for myself. I broke up with him in P.E, and he was so sad..I felt so bad but I wanted to stand up for myself and be brave.
I just walked off once I said ''I'm done with you.'' and he said ''OK....'' and walked off..
I felt so bad, but I wasn't ready yet and I just didn't really like him because, of his behavior and how he made so many empty promises and how he just went from relationship to relationship to relationship.

I told my vice principal about it and she took care of him. And after that day, I haven't seen Mason since.

I might draw Mason just for the sake of it. :-D
ok so i just realized that i never really fully explained some stuff in tomsworld
and some of you probably still have questions without answers

so this journal will probably answer some of the questions youve been meaning to ask for a p long time
ok so here it goes


so the X thing in corruptoms hair isnt a hair clip, a bow, or anything like that
its actually a glitch thing that he ended up getting when he was strolling around in the glitched world (aka basically the complete opposite/reverse side of our universe we stand on today)

it was originally meant to be a bandage
why a bandage?

because you know how in some old/classic cartoons how a character gets beat up and they have this white x/bandage on some part on the characters body?
yeah, i tried to do that with corruptom but it ended up being a weird black X in his hair

i eventually just kept it like that as time went on
another thing in tomsworld is the multi colored eyes and the red/yellow bags under corruptoms eyes

so the reason why i made corruptom have multi colored eyes is because i was inspired by this eddisode: [Eddsworld - Trick or Threat]
you know how edd and matt got possessed by kate (a character by thomas ridgewells original animated series called ''crash zoom'')
and their eyes were red and their pupils were yellow?

yeah, i tried to stay true to the original color palettes that the animator chose to do
so i made corruptom have black eyes and red and yellow pupils because i honestly thought it would be more fitting for him

now about the eye bag thing
yeah i just made him have those bags to add more creativity and shit onto him because i like to be cool when in reality im not

another thing about corruptom that i never fully explained is his hoodie pockets
when i first made him, his hoodie pockets were meant to be smile because the way i draw hoodie pockets are normally rectangular and kinda looks like a mouth

so i made his hoodie pockets become a yellow smile with actual teeth to add more creepiness
and his hoodie laces are shaped like x's and the x's kinda represent eyes

so its like a face is literally on his hoodie, ya know
i love being creative dONT JUDGE ME--

and i dont think i even have to explain his demon tail
hes the devil and devils have an arrow-like tail tip

so i did the same to corruptom and whaddya know
it fits

yet another thing in tomsworld that i never really explained is tw tords stupidity
so the reason why tw tord is so stupid is when tw tord was in middle school, he was walking in the hallways to get himself something to drink at the water fountain

tw matt was standing next to him because he was waiting to get a drink of water
tw tord was taking forever, it felt like an eternity for tw matt

so tw matt literally ripped the water fountain out of the wall and smashed it on tw tords head
tw tord ended up going to the hospital for an entire month

he came back alive

but he suffered greatly from brain injuries and skull injuries
his brain malfunctioned, causing him to be mentally retarded and not knowing simple actions on anything

ever since then, he was just really stupid and innocent
tw matt felt kinda bad for doing that tbh

i think thats all i pretty much have to explain
sorry for so many journals lately, but i just have to get this off my chest.
this is a response to aku's journal. I'm not commenting because, I'm not planning to speak to aku anytime soon because, I just feel like it's better this way.

Aku's thoughts about RainyWarning:
The following journal contains sensitive content/mentions. This includes the mentions of s//icide, r/pe, pedophilia, self harm, and others. If you do not want to see this, you are free to leave the journal.
Please do not attack or witchhunt any users that are mentioned here. Thank you.
[Warning Bad English]
Ohayo, I was one of Rainy’s best friend.
Welp, It’s my turn to explain it all,
First about how I met Rainy,
I guess I met her like in May ? It was a friend from PonyTown who made me discover Tomsworld. Because she has Tom as Edd skin, I was questioning about what is this.
They told me it was an AU where the main characters swap their places.
So I started gain interest, I watched her videos like everyday (Yes, I remember rainy posted a video each day) and I always laughed, they were good videos and funny to watch.
It begins about drawing Tomsworld fanart, making fake screenshot, animation memes, it was so fun to do it ! I enjoyed ! Suddenly,

yes, all of what aku just said in this journal is true. i made weird and unnecessary comments, i've joked about akumatt, i've talked about akumatt coming back, and other stuff that i feel bad doing.
I'm really sorry for what i've done. good news, though. i'm improving a bit on myself and i'm straying away from the akumatt thing, and i'm not joking about pedophilia or rape anymore.

i honestly don't know what was wrong with me. i hope it isn't too late to say sorry.
it's ok if some of you hate me because, of this. i deserve to be hated on for my unacceptable actions. i just went a little too overboard, that's all.

i won't do it again. you guys probably won't see me talking about this or drawing about such disgusting and disrespectful stuff like this anymore anytime soon.
i'm not lying about ANY of this, so please don't think that i'm lying. i'm not. i'm speaking the truth.

again, i'm so sorry to aku and everyone for my actions. i'll think before i act, speak, comment, and draw next time.
i hope you guys understand. if you don't, that's ok. i understand.

keep in mind that this is a parody of the original story ''jeff the killer''
here's the original story if you wanna check it out:…
this is a joke so pls don't take it serious lol
enjoy reading I guess

it was a cold and silent night. everybody was asleep and everything was very calm. the sound of the clock ticking. frogs croaking outside. the cold breeze outside tom's window was very bone chilling. how can this night go wrong?


it was 12 at midnight. tom was dead asleep, until he heard crying from the bathroom. tom slowly opened his eyes and sat up slowly. ''da fuq'' he mumbled to himself. tom fell out of his bed and layed on the floor for a straight 5 minutes. tom slowly got up and walked out of his room. he opened the bathroom door to see tord crying in the mirror. ''tord what happened and are you ok'' he asked. tord slowly turned around with anime eyes. ''i'm so kawaii tom!!1111!1111'' tord said. tom's eyes widens. he slowly took his contacts off.

tom stared at kawaii tord. ''excuse me'' he said. kawaii tord continued crying like a baby. ''hahaha!!1111 aren't I kawaii, tom!!!1111?? ?'' tord asked tom in a fangirl voice like matter. tom slowly backed away in fear and shock for some odd reason. ''um yeah of course you are lemme go get matt so he can see your new face'' tom said. tom slowly turned around and ran out of the bathroom as fast as he could. tom dabbed into matt's room and started shaking matt's shoulders to try to wake him up. ''mATT MATT WAKE UP WAKE UP YOU FAGGOT TORD'S-'' tom stopped as he saw kawaii tord at the doorway holding 2 forks.

kawaii tord tilted his head to the side. ''yo tom, you lied'' tord said. tord ran up to tom and matt and stuck 2 forks in their hair. tord quickly dabbed out of the room and tip-toed to edd's room. kawaii tord kicked the door open. edd suddenly woke up and sat up quickly. ''wHAT ?? WHAT'S GOING ON WHA-'' kawaii tord placed his hand over edd's mouth. edd tried to escape kawaii tord's grasp but kawaii tord's grasp was too strong for some reason.

''shhhh just go to fork'' kawaii tord said, sticking a fork in edd's hair and disappearing into the night. never to be seen again.

legend has it that tord is still out there, going through people's windows at midnight and sticking forks into their hair.